Sunday, February 13, 2011


We are still out of water.  I guess the big pipe at the bottom of the mountain is broke.  On day 5 of no water and sponge baths, a water truck came up the hill.  We had to pay to get our big containers filled, but at this point it was a necessity.  And still today the pipe is not fixed.  Could you imagine?????  I just hope we don't run out before the pipe is fixed.
Anita came home from school the other day and showed us The childrens Own newspaper.  This is a newspaper that all of Jamaica gets about the kids schools and the kids.  And Miss Anita had an article printed.  It was just great.  She writes pretty darn good.  Maybe it will be her future.  When her adoption is final I am sure going to miss her.
Now we are getting ready to do our youth groups on The Ten Commandments, for both age groups.  But the thing is, we were brought up Lutheran, and Jesus for Jamaica is non-denominational,  the commandments are in different order.  So we need to do it in the different order.  All in all I think it is going to be a lot of fun.  We even found a little song to teach the little kids a way to remember them.  Then we are going to do a performance for the kids parents at the end of the sessions.  I hope they just love it.  Maybe the teenagers from our youth group can do a puppet show for the parents as well.  Oh I am getting excited just thinking about it.
Dontae is having such a miserable time teething.  I sure don't remember my kids having such a rotten time.  We are chalking it up to a cleft palate, but not even sure that is it.  He gets a fever every other day I swear, and blisters on his body.  I hope that second tooth comes tomorrow, so he can feel good for a few days at least.
Felix is doing just wonderful.  Remember me saying that everytime Felix sucked his thumb we would have him sweep the porch, well it has almost worked completely.  Very seldom do you see his thumb in his mouth.  As far as wetting the bed, when he lived at My Fathers house, the other kids harrassed him so much that he would hide his sheets or sleep in them the next night.  So when we moved, it took us quite a long time to get him to feel not ashamed and tell us when he had an accident.  That went on for a long long time, and nothing seemed to change, I thought that once he felt not ashamed that he would start thinking about it more and not wet the bed.  Wrong!!!  it just kept going on until I finally told him that from now on, when it happened then he had to strip his bed and wash his own bedding.  Even that didn't work until we moved here and have to wash our clothes by hand.  Well guess what, he is hardly ever wetting the bed.  He Rocks!!!!! He is doing his chores very well most of the time. 
All the kids up here love Jenni to death, and she loves them.  Jenni has so many cool idea's and with her being closer to their ages makes it much better .
Mr. Mark is working on the screens for the Basic schools canteen (outside kitchen) when those are all up and done, then the kids will start getting hot lunches.  We will take pictures to keep you up.
As far as I go, this migrane is still dragging on. But I am very thankful that it is the only one I have had since coming here in July. PTL!  Something about this place agrees with me.  Either that, or the Lord is liking me being here.  I am not sure how many of you know this or not, but Mark and I have the opportunity to stay on here at JFJ.  Yes we would still be coming home in July. :-)  As most of you already know how much we LOVE being here, especially now that we have found a really good fit with JFJ.  So could all of you just start praying for us to have clarity and to give us strength and patience and a HUGE sign if this is where he wants us.  Thank you