Monday, February 14, 2011

Sadness on our mountain

It started out to be a very nice Valentines Day.  We got the kids candy, and Mr. Mark surprised Jenni and I with a little bag of sweet tarts that he found in  his back pack.  I can't tell you how excited I was to have some candy. lol.  He said tomorrow we can get chocolates.... Yippee!!!!!
Tonight just before Mark Jenni and I were going to start our bible study I thought I heard someone yell
"my mother is dead"  then I heard it again, so we ran out on our porch and looked over to the neighbors just in time to see a young woman screaming bloody murder that her mother was dead.  There were a couple of people trying to hold her up while she cried.  I could hear the children in the home crying.  I was feeling like I needed to help in some way, but I had only met this woman one time and wasn't even sure of all the family members.  But someone needed to go and help or just be there.  It took everything in me to go over to their house but I knew I needed to do it.  Her youngest son Wade is in our youth group and I couldn't stand the thought of him crying and feeling all alone.  His mom was sick and went to the Dr. on friday and she died today.  Very unexpected.  Now the mountain is beginning to hear the news and people are coming from everywhere to watch and listen and some trying to help.  One of the daughters was so hysterical I am not even sure she is strong enough to handle this.  I pray for this family tonight and through all they will now have to endure.  It is so sad.  This is earth, and we know where Angie now is.  I know the family will soon realize that.  But the night is still thick with sadness.  :-(


Jeremiah Jacob Brown said...

Kim, thank you for being there. Angle is the grandmother of the little girl I told u that we tried to adopr - Monicea. We are so sad and so blessed to have believers like you, Mark, and Jenni there in McAlpine to use this as a time to show Christ's love.

Jeremiah Brown