Saturday, January 1, 2011

Miracle's happen!

Today was the start of a wonderful afternoon and overnight.  Remember Marquez and Marlaina?  The children of Marlon and Donnaree who worked with us at MFH?  Well Mr. Mark went to pick them up today to come and spend the night.  Little Marlaina is SO in love with Mr. Mark, it is so darn cute to watch.  Made me sad to, because we used to see these kids everyday, and she just followed Mr. Mark around everywhere.  She loves to steal his hat off his head and then run away and tease him saying "you can't get me"  with a huge smile on her face.  Now Marquez, well he is just Mr. cooooool, but when we get him to laugh, it just brightens up the room.  Felix was in the show off mood, if you all know what I mean.  Was kinda funny,  and was not kinda funny.  LOL  Anyhoo, the day was going just great, I had made pizza dough, so it was ready for our dinner, and was right in the middle of making Chocolate chip cookies for the kids snack, when I heard Mr. Mark kinda make a funny noise, but was saying something too, I really don't know what he was doing, until I turned around, and he was holding Dontae head down.  Dontae was choking and his entire face was covered with saliva.  So I ran over to them.  Come to find out that little baby boy with just a couple of fingers managed to pick up a piece of Felixs flashlight and put it in his mouth.  It was the little light bulb with two wires on it.  Mark had tried to get it, and couldn't so I tried, all while there is blood coming out of his throat. (not serious amounts) and I couldn't get it either, but between the both of us trying to get it, we seemed to push it down rather then up, but he was now breathing fine and his mouth quit watering and bleeding.  Luckily our Dr. friend was next door, so she came right over and looked down his throat and said that she could see where he was bleeding from, but she encouraged us to take him and get an x-ray, because with it being wires, they could puncture something on its way out.  Sooooooooo  with a house full of kids, only one of us could go and that would be the mom.  Back to Black river with Dontae in tow.  As I am driving he starts choking.  I swear I almost put my foot through the pedal.  But soon realized that if I kill us, what would be the reason for taking him to the Dr.  So I just prayed that he was fine.  Praying that they won't have to surgically have to remove this stinking light bulb and wires. So here is the miracle..... two sets of x-rays...... and guess what?
NOTHING, AND I SAID NOTHING IN OUR BABIES STOMACH!!!!!!!!????????????  And some people say there is no God.  I say HogWash.   God was with us and our new baby Dontae, once again.  We are blessed.  And Satan will never win!


Anonymous said...

I guess it's time to baby proof the house--Ron

Jenni Bushaw said...

holy crap i almost had a heart attack while reading that lol geez

calie said...

That gave me a really upset stomach
Is he okay now?