Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our New Church in the Ghetto

What an awesome night we had Saturday night. It was the dedication of Jesus for Jamaica's new church. It sits right in the middle of what they call the ghetto. Where the prostitutes hang out, and the rest of the folks that really need to be introduced to God. Its for the poor that do not even have church going clothes. It is a come how you are church. And Jenni and I had the honor to be at this

church for the dedication. Miss Linda spoke about how she was going to have church services on Sundays, when one day down in the market God spoke to her telling her that these people here that need Christ so much that they won't be getting out of bed on a Sunday morning, you need to get them while they are out Saturday night. So there ya have it, Saturday night it was. Miss Linda's good friend's were there to give testimonies and to praise God. The holy spirit was filling the entire church, you could feel him so much that I cried. Pastor Lee spoke and we sang some more. I just loved how it felt to be there. So please pray for this little church in the ghetto, that it can bring in many people who need Christ in there life.