Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things are good

Our internet here has been not good as you can see. Something needs to change with this. So we are working on it, to be able to keep you all up on everything here.
Jenni and I made all the invitations and Saturday Jenni Felix and I went all around the community to pass them out. We met so many people. Anita was not feeling well so she stayed in bed and slept. Sunday we walked next door to have Anita measured for her new uniform dresses, that was cool. I loved being able to just walk out our door into the neighbors. Like Little house on the Prarie. Today Michelle came over and helped with the laundry, and just when she got done it started to rain. Not for long, but still. We have all been sick around here, passing it over to next person, good thing Miss Jenni is house sitting, or she would be next.
This thursday we are starting to work in the basic school, so the alphabet that Mary and Kit made are really going to come in for good use. Like I said Things are good.
We are still in need of donations, if you could do a monthly donation please let me know. Thank you


Anonymous said...

So tell us more about the basic school you will be starting on Thursday. Hope everyone is feeling better. Mom