Wednesday, January 26, 2011


For the life of me I could not come up with a title. So much went on today, you would think it would be easy, so question marks it is. First I want to give you all a little insight of our day today. Ok?
Alarm clock goes off at 6AM, really it should be 5:30AM but Anita and Felix want the extra half hour so they move pretty fast in the morning. So Breakfast is either done by Mark, Jenni or I, today it was me. So I fried up eggs and put toast in the toaster. While the kids are getting ready we get their snack, drink and lunch money together. 7:00AM their driver picks them up, but today Mr. Mark went with them and got dropped at the bottom of the hill. He was getting picked up to go and replace a womans roof that is in desperate need. Jenni was still house sitting and Dontae and I were home. The person that was picking up Mr. Mark had to go to the Dr. was very ill, so Mark came home and when Jenni got home her and I set out on foot :-) to Mandeville. Remember we do not have a car so this is going to be an expierence. But we NEED the internet.... We start walking and the motorcyle guy is coming up the hill with a lady, so I motion to him to come back and take us down. He comes and takes Jenni first and says he will come back for me, but then another motorcycle guy comes and takes me. We walk out to the main rd. and flag down a taxi which takes us to the center of Whitehouse right by the grocery store I have talked about before. When all of a sudden guys start running from all areas trying to get our business of driving us to the next stop Black River. It is crazy I tell ya. So we get in the cab and then we get to BR and the same stinkin thing happens again. Now we have figured it out, that when you get to your stop the next set of vultures are awaiting your arrival. But really they are all the nicest people. Next cab takes us to Santa Cruz from Santa Cruz on to Mandeville. I did say these were cabs right? Lets really say "how many people can you fit into a car and still drive?" LOL One really good thing is they have great speakers in their cars with great music playing. Our cab dropped us right off in front of Claro place.
Wait for it!!!!!!! WE NOW HAVE INTERNET FULL TIME!!!!! I can live without a lot of things in this third world country, but internet and phone are not one of them. Ok so moving on. Jenni and I are starving now, but we are so close to a sports store. On our wish list for youth groups are some different kinds of balls. So we were going to get one off our list and thought the sports store would be the place to go. We walk in and to my surprise I couldn't see any balls at all, so I walked straight up to the counter and asked the two young adorable men "do you guys have any balls?" they look at each other and say "sure, what kind?" At this point, I still didn't know what I did. NOW WHO DOES THAT? So then I got it and laughed a little, but I swear if those young men wouldn't of been so darn professional, when I figured it out, I think I would of been on the floor laughing so hard. So we bought a foot ball (soccer ball) When we left Jenni, just DIED and said I made her day. Yeah, chalk one up for me!!!!!
Moving on towards our food, we finally find a burger king to eat at. So we are just walking when all of a sudden Jenni just trips. Anyone who knows me, knows that when that happens it makes me laugh (but only if they are not hurt or anything) So right when I was ready to just die in laughter... I TRIP!!!!! Holy Cow, you would of thought we were crying we were laughing so hard. Actully a guy asked Jenni if she was Ok because he thought she was crying. So between the balls and the tripping and the zillion guys all over Jenni our day was pretty good. Burger King was fantastic (remember we never get beef here) so on our way back to the cabs we stop at another wish list place. The speaker store. We have a boom box that we brought from home, but we need a speaker and a mike. When we start our offical youth groups we want to play music loud and then announce to the community whats going on. We found out that what we need cost $38,650.00J that is about $400.00 US
We then would be able to use this in many other ways as well. Lets just say Jesus for Jamaica could benifit from this a lot.
Ok back to the cab, but we stopped by the market to get some veggies. Oh Boy! they have lettuce Yippeee!!!!! 5 cabs later and we are at the bottom of our hill. No motorcycle :-( I was bummed and car sick. The drivers on the way home were crazy. Then this car pulled up and asked if we were going up, of course we said yes and he took us. We did have to pay $50.00J more, but well worth it. With how tired we were, we would still be walking up that hill in the morning. Now its time to make dinner, then devotion on the front porch.
Tomorrow is the basic school.... More to come