Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sitting at the airport

Get this......Mark and I get to come home for a couple days.  Our passport stamp ran out on the 10th, so we didn't have a choice, plus we are getting the homestudy done for Dontae's adoption.  We left Jamaica on the 10th. which was yesterday, but there wasn't a connecting flight till early this morning.  So at this point we were going to be in Bellingham at 2:24.  And since we are on a buddy pass (Thanks Dorice) they said we had a great chance of getting on.  So all is well.  Until they tell us the flight is delayed for one hour due to fog......  then another hour......then another our 8:15 flight is now supposed to leave at noon.  But I look out side and the fog is just as thick.  The lady over the loud speaker just said that the flight to the Cancun has now been canceled due to fog.  OH MY GOODNESS  (I feel sorry for them) So I can't imagine that we are leaving in one hour. But we will see.  We lost one day of our 5 by staying in Miami over night.  If we have to stay again, that will leave only 3 days at home. We could stay longer since Beth, Jenni's mom, is in Jamaica helping Jenni. But, if we did, then Beth would not be able to see anything other then our own litttle paradise.  So heck, whats a girl to do?  Pray that we get on the stinkin plane     LOLOL  But you know God is a funny guy.  We laugh daily.
Lets give you of an example of the way God works ok?  Last night when we went to get a shuttle the man said it would be about 30 mins.  After 20 mins. he called a town car for us, because he did not want us to wait any longer.  Well inside that town car was a woman by the name of Bruna.  She is from Bolivia.  We had the pleasure to ride with her in this beautiful town car.  Come to find out she works with kids with all kinds of handicaps, mentially and or physically.  She does alot of good things with the children there in the orphanage.  We talked and talked, since working in the same field.  She wants to come and work with us and volunteer her time for, wait for it......... a month or two. (WHAT THE HECK)  If that comes to be, WOW!!!!!  Then today standing in a long line I got to talking with another lady who travels back and forth to Haiti taking medical supplies. She has been there 17 times.  She does this all on her own and has been since 2004.  She gets donations from Dr.'s and Dentist's and others.  She stays in a boys home while she is there.  And she pays 40.00 a day for her room and two meals through donations as well.  Her airfare she gets with airmiles.  Everyone is getting to know her because she always has so much to give.  Is she with a non- profit organization?  No!  Just a willing missionary willing to give and go where God has called her.  7 Years now, and still going.  She is now in the process of adopting two little boys, 6 and 8, who are brothers.  Her adoptions should be done about the time ours is.  And get this........ she had 5 grown kids at home!  She is 5 years older then me, and it is so cool to see God working in such wonderful ways.  Her kids and Dontae may have older parents, but they will have a loving home with loving parents and siblings.  Something they would have NEVER had.   We also just got an email from a guy whom we have never met, but is reading our blog, who wants us to meet his very best friend up on the mountain we are now living on and to meet the two girls they are trying to adopt.  Do you see how amazing God is!!!!
Oh did I tell you that I froze my butt off last night in Miami!!!!!??????  Not good!!!!!  There is snow in Bellingham, whats a girl to do?  Freeze?  I don't want to.  
Update on our plane....... It just pulled in at 11:32am, which  means boarding will start about 12:15pm.  Then about 12:30pm we find out if we can get on this flight.  If we don't make it, you will hear about it.  LOL


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, what an exciting life you lead. I just got off the phone to Calie trying to find out how you were doing, and came out to my pc and checked your blog, and now I know. Well, just relax, you do not have a say in when you will be getting home, it is all up to our Lord. And if things would have gone the way you planned, you wouldn't have met those wonderful women. What an inspiration. You are writng in a journal aren't you, so you can write a book?
I'm afraid to ask if you will have time for a visit while you are home, or if every minute is taken. Let us know, love, mom

Anonymous said...

All I can say is we serve a MIGHTY GOD and His love is everlasting and he puts us in situations for a reason all the time. We don't know the reasons until after we're in he situation. Wish you safe travel and hope that the home study goes well. Anyway I figure you would be checking your blog more than your email. Email me your new address. Thanks D