Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So Amazing!

So Jenni started devotion on our front porch while we were gone. Is that cool or what? Now we are up to 10 kids, and we haven't even officially started youth group. We will be moving to the clinic building soon and then devide the days up by age. More to come.
A big thank you to Beth, Jenni's mom. She came and filled in when we were in the States. Well she was kinda just thrown in to the mix, but I think she came away with what its like to do some of the things we do. Love you Bethy Ann.


Miss Linda said...

Hey all of you are awesome!..Beth and Jenny are to be congratulated. They kept the home fires burning and did a wonderful job. I checked on them but they were okay each time I checked. Never complained ! God has a great plan for that mountain. I can't wait to see what He does.
Thank you for a job well done and welcome "home"...

Anonymous said...

Waiting to hear more. Mom

Anonymous said...

What are you guys doing? Not a word since last Wednesday?