Thursday, January 6, 2011


I don't have a clue how in the heck we did it.  (well yes I do) but you know what I mean.  So  now we are up, up on a mountain with our front porch looking down on the Carribbean ocean.  This place is in the most beautiful place ever.  Plus our house is the first house people come to when coming up the hill.  So we are meeting new friends all the time.  Kids, did I say kids?  Well they love coming around, so yesterday when we were grocery shopping, I bought some small little sweetys so we could give one to the kids when they come over.  We were exhausted ! The first night ,and then yesterday, was the last day we had the car to rent. So we needed to go grocery shopping and to buy a few thing the house needed. Last night was another late dinner.  And at this time we didn't have a stove. We wound up having BLT's in the microwave. So our friends went out and got a stove for us.  Is that amazing?  So yesterday they brought up the stove, but we still don't have any gas to hook it up. 

With no stove you need to be creative for good dinners.  Lets see if I passed the test
First night dinner, I totally forgot about.  I was so caught up on all of this move.  Mark said "are we thinking about dinner tonight"?  That night supper was burritos we found at the grocery store.  Yippee!!!!
First day waking up,  The first day we had no water.  But I have to tell you that the kids were pretty alright concering not being able to shower or brush their teeth ,but they still rocked.  I am so proud of them. 
What we are doing now is getting this home clean and all fixed up the best we can.  Jesus for Jamaica is giving Mark wood to build a gate for our front porch.

Today we have just been organizing and cleaning. This way the kid's can actually walk barefoot on the floor and Dontae can crawl on the floor too. Still so tired that I, Mark, had to take over writing today's blog 'cause Kim kept falling asleep. And did I tell you, we are now paying by the minute to use our internet, but thank God we can still get it and communicate with you all.

Jenni comes home this Saturday with her mom, Beth, and the kid's are really excited! Poor girl doesn't even know what she's stepping into. We are definitely roughing it up here, but loving it too. We might even be Jamaican by the time we get home, mon. We will post some pictures soon.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the up-date. I check your blog every few hours to see what's happening. Sounds like things are ok. You have had quite an adventure, and it is not over. I still want to know how Dontae is after swallowing a bulb. How do the kids get to school from there???Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Which Girl?? LOL!!! See you soon!!Love, Me

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL Jenni silly

Anonymous said...

the kids same driver comes to get them, we just have to pay him an extra 1000.00J a week which is about 12.00US.
Dontae pooped out a piece of hard foil of some sort, but it was sharp enough to make his throat bleed. We found the light bulb the day we were moving. Thank God

Calie said...

Everyone needs to learn to not be anonymous ... It makes me super confused :)

Anyway, super jealous that Mama BethyAnn is going to Jamaica on Saturday - But at least I'll be there in June!! whoohoo!

Miss Linda said...

God is soooooooo awesome to place your family high on a mountain where the only thing you can do is concentrate on what He wants. You will be a blessing to the people and they will come to love you. When you get settled and start youth groups, Bible studies and ministering one on one you will understand why God placed you there. This is a very exciting time.

Jenny Lee said...

I also am jealous Beth is getting to visit. So much fun! Sounds like your guys are doing well. So many blessings, even if they come with "no stove" trials! :) keep smiling, God is smiling on you!
Jenny Lee