Monday, January 3, 2011

one day to move

You know when God decides what he wants done he makes it happen!  It's crazy sometimes.  LOL
You all know that we are struggling to stay where we are.  But am very thankful that this house was available, and furnished to boot.  The woman who rented it to us, didn't even meet us.  Just took our friends word that we were good to rent to.  The owner of this house is in town, and she told us that this house might be sold, and so we would have to move if it does sell.  It just so happened that another friend and her husband were taking us up a mountain to see their lodge yesterday.  Their ministry is called "Jesus for Jamaica"  It sits right in the middle of a wonderful community.  Right next door sits a huge building they built to someday house a medical clinic.  On the other side sits a basic school they got up and running.  The children there had to walk three miles to get to school, so it was very much needed.  Like I said it is a lodge, very rustic (rustic to the point that critters can get in)  lol but it has a stove a fridge, showers and pottys.  Its quite nice.  Just no furniture.  Well it has bunkbeds.
They said we could stay there for free.  FREE, can you believe that one?  So that evening we went to bed and I didn't sleep much thinking and praying about this.  When I woke up I had my answers, Mr. Mark was depressed, because he didn't have the answers. We talked and talked this morning and we came up with many ideas of things we could do for the community up there and before I knew it Mr, Mark had a big smile on his face.  So he now knew this would be really good for us.  So we talked to the owner of this house this morning, and we were telling her about what we have come up with, and just when we were ready to give her our 30 day notice, she asked us if we could be out by 9AM tomorrow morning.  Mark and I looked at each other, knowing of all the work involved and Jenni being home and the kids at school.  But she continued to say that if we can be out by that time she wouldn't make us pay January rent and she would give back our damage deposit.  PTL!!!!!!!!  And then, get this...... she gave us a couch, table and chairs, blinds, TV, microwave, TV stand, desk, and a corner shelf.  Also we can buy the DVD player for 25.00.  Holy cow!
We might have to buy a washing machine, the ministry does have one, but someone is using it.  We will have to get a iron for the school uniforms (very important) fans, (because otherwise we will surely die from the heat) lol.  But the biggest thing is a car.  Like I said, it is waaaaaaaaaay up a mountain and the car we are renting now is not available.  We will be able to use the Jesus for Jamaica truck in March when our friend goes back to the states, so for now we need prayers for something to come along that we can afford.  Did I tell you there is no hot water?  But you know what? we are so excited its nuts.  Talked to Jenni today, who is just estatic, she is soooooooooo excited and she hasn't seen a thing.  We will be living right in the middle of the community.  So for the next 6 months one of our goals is to hold  a teen youth group and a  younger childs youth group.  The other idea we have is to start a community garden.  So those are the things that we will focus on for now.  Jesus for Jamaica have a couple teams coming, so we will of course help with that.  Plus there are children everywhere up there, so friends for our kids to play with. Our other issue is internet, since that is the way we communicate the most with people and this blog.  So tomorrow we will be checking out the highspeed thumb drive thingy.  LOL  I hope its like the cell phones here, pretty darn inexpensive.  So what do you think?  Our mission here in Jamaica has changed once again, but we are going where God leads us, we have said that from the very first day.  Please praise the Lord with us in thanks giving for laying this opportunity right in our laps and for our new friends here in Jamaica that just never cease to amaze us with their generosity.  Have a glorious evening.


Lori D said...

Wow you guys...I had goosebumps and tears the entire time reading that. God is SO good all the time isn't he?? What an amazing journey he has you on...and yes--working overtime for sure. Love and prayers and money coming soon. xoxooxo

Shasta said...

It seems like everytime something happens, it just works out for you ;) I am so glad this opportunity came at just the right time! xox