Saturday, October 8, 2011

The waiting game

Before I start this blog I need to write down that on Sept. 11th.  Grandma Lau's birthday, Dontae's 6th tooth came in, and on Oct 5th. his 7th tooth came in. 
The last time we were at the Embassy, the lady told us that we needed an addendum to our home study, since our home study was over 6 months old. So I emailed Agape Adoptions, well she wrote me back and said that she can not alter the home study and exactly what do I need.  So I called the Embassy back, come to find out the judicatory is out until Tuesday. That this little bump won't effect her answer to us but that we need to get it in. She told me that the adoption agency just needs to re validate there signature and date. So I called and emailed Agape back and told them what she told me.  Funny enough, they have never heard of such a thing.  What a surprise!!!  I swear thats how things have been going this entire time. They think its as weird as I do.  But they are going to do it.  And of course it costs, because they are doing work for this case. So for them to do it and then FED X it here.  125.00 later. So I go to paypal to pay, and pay pal decides my account has been chosen at random to be updated.  I need my routing number from my checking account plus other information before they will let me use my own account.  I call my bank to get the number and I missed them 5 mins. after they close.  So this all has to wait till Monday.  Can't anything go smooth here in Jamaica.  Nope!!!!! Judicatory will be back Tuesday, we are so praying that we will get our date for the interview Tuesday or Wednesday.  With having these dates to go home and then they get cancelled is starting to weigh on me.  If Oct. 25th is not the day for us to come home, I think you might here me at home screaming bloody murder, and then crying.
We got invited to dinner at Linda Botkins house night before last.  She has two interns with her right now, so that was so fun to eat actual food and visit with these women. Mark took Dontae in to get his last pictures taken for his visa yesterday.  But today, we will probably do nothing, kinda like what we have been doing.
 My girls and I talked night before last, and a wonderful couple from our church who trust and love my girls, took it upon themselves to help them get a condo. They were given such a wonderful gift, a beautiful three story town house for an amazing amount of rent.  I am so so proud of my girls.  I told Calie, "see how things work out for you girls when you are such good trustworthy reliable young ladies?"  She said "yes I just can't beleive it"  But I sure can.  I couldn't be more proud of my daughters. They will be moving out on Nov 1st. just a few days after I am home. sniff sniff sniff sniff.  The saving grace to all this is I haven't been living with them for so long now, that this just might not hurt so much.  At least thats what I keep telling myself.  :-) 

Linda Bodtkin asked about our Love story, so I suppose I should do chapter 5 soon.  Have a great weekend everyone.


Mom (Lau) said...

I can feel your frustration all across the miles. How does ANYTHING get done in Jamaica? You have had to change air plans so many times.......I'm happy for the girls - what a thrill that will be for them to have their very own place. Does this mean that Alesia can have Haven? And what about the kitties? Speaking of which, did you know that we had to put John to sleep? He was very old and very sick.

Mark,Kim Lau said...

Yes it is frustrating that's for sure. As far as Haven goes, as long as we are living in Bellingham, we will keep her. The kitties will stay with us. Of course Andy would anyway, Smokey disappeared ages ago and Titten is just going to die without Calie. LOL Yes you told us about poor John.