Saturday, October 22, 2011


Well now that Pastor Iben said he could marry us the next weekend, what in the world are we going to wear?  I posted before that I already had my dress but that was for an outside wedding in our yard in the summer.  So I really didn't want to go out and buy another dress.  I had just had my 20th class reunion and I bought a beautiful dress for that, except it was black. (do you get married in black?)  So I called Pastor and asked him and he said "Sure you can"  WooHooooo!!!! we are good to go.  Mark had a beautiful black suit, so it was just getting the kids there clothes.  Brandon was going to be Marks best man, Cody was walking me down the isle, and all three girls were going to stand up with me.  We knew we didn't want a big wedding, since we both were already married before, and everyone came and supported us then bearing gifts, so we didn't want to go that route.  But we did invite relatives that wanted to come and church members. We were going to rent a room out at Sehmiamoo for dinner for the immediate family for after the ceremony.  Now on to shopping for the children's clothes.  We did good and found it all. The day of the wedding me and the girls went in and got all our hair done the same with the 3 barrel curling iron.  I can tell you that Alesia who dressed like a boy was not happy.  But what a knock out, not to mention a cute  figure.  Something that you didn't notice with the stage she was going through. So with our hair all done the same, it was just amazing.  I had always wanted to have three girls, and now I was getting something that I always wanted.  And Cody always wanted a brother. I can't tell you how the both of us were so incredibly happy to have this family.  And we were both going to work very hard to make this blended family some how be positive. Now off to the church.