Monday, October 24, 2011

Baptism postponded

I just hate having to write this, but I have no choice.  The flight that we were supposed to get on at noon tomorrow is not going to happen.  The Embassy messed up on our case and we do not have a interview date. I talked again to the Embassy last friday and got no where, so I asked to talk to the supervisor.  But I was told she would have to call me back, so I asked if it would be that same day, and she told me probably not. So bright and early this morning I call again, but they won't pick up there phone.  I got an email from Jet Blue that wants me to confirm our air for tomorrow, of which I can't do, but I wanted to change the flight.  But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  I can't do that because the Embassy does not seem to care what in the world happens to us.  And I am serious!!!!!!!  So Gladys's daughter called a friend who gave her a email for me to write to.  Low and Behold I got a response within minutes.  He promised me that I would get a response one way or another from the Embassy today.  Well guess what? It did not happen, so there ya have it. So just a few minutes ago, I find out we can't change our flight again, so we loose it.  OMGosh, once again we have to buy new airfare.  I am so confused with all this adoption garbage here in Jamaica, almost makes me want to do something about it, so no one else has to go through this.
 Dontae's baptism will be announced.  Maybe my 50th birthday present will be us coming home. (Nov 4th)


Kathy R said...

I'm so sorry.
Prayers for you and
Love, too.

Anonymous said...

Continued prayers & comfort in all things! Miss you all! Love, Me

Anonymous said...

So what can you do now? which way do you turn? Where are you staying? Where are you going? Can you park yourself on the front porch of the Embassy and tell them you aren't moving until they help you?

LouAnn Rouse said...

Don't understand the Jamaican system. They don't care if children are starving but they make it so difficult to adopt.......what's wrong with this picture? Wish there was some way I could help. Thanks for our talks while I was in Jamaica. Good luck, praying for you and Mark.

calie said...

lose... not loose.

you've done that a few times haha :)
I love you Mama.

Jenni Bushaw said...

awe! thats such a bummer :( I sure miss you guys and can't wait for you to get here! My little God Son sure needs you, he's lucky hes got you both :D