Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We haven't been on in awhile because my computer crashed, and Marks crashed months ago, but Bunny fixed mine, and is going to fix Marks tonight.  Now we just need to get the internet to be working here instead of hooking up to the hotels for a couple minutes here and there.
As of two days ago, we found out that the judicatory is out of office until next Tuesday.  Thats over a week that our case is just sitting there doing nothing.  Also found out that our home study is over 6 months old, so I had to write Agape Adoptions and ask them to write an addendum to it and then Fed X it to the Embassy.  According to the lady we were talking to, the plan is to try and get us home for me to make Woman of Faith on the 28th. So she told us to book our flight for right around that date.  I asked her what about the 25th?  She said "sounds good"  But bottom line is, she has no control over any of this, so please stay praying for us. 19 days and we could be home.  Hey girls, you best get to painting on Dontae's stuff.   LOLOL


Anonymous said...

What are your plans, then, for after you return to the States? Are you going to stay, or are you going to try to go back to Jamaica - perhaps to run the orphanage?

Mark,Kim Lau said...

Only God knows what our future holds. We sure don't. For now we are coming home to be with out children and to have them get to know their new little brother.