Friday, October 21, 2011

No news is good news? WHATEVER!!!!!!!

I woke up at 2:30AM with a migraine.  At 6:00 Its still going strong.  I go back to sleep to see if it will go away and I can say at 8:30 its going no where.  I knew that I had to call the Embassy right away before she started her day or else I would never get her. So I ask her if she has any news, and what does she say?  She says NO...  I told her that our airfare is for Tuesday. She says I don't know what to tell you other then the judicatory is not looking at our case until next week.   So I ask her when do we make our flight home then?  She tells me, she can not answer that.  I tell her that we can not be in this country without a return flight home.  I am not even sure we can change it AGAIN...  We might have to re buy air all over again.  I told her we donated everything we own away and are living with barely anything since we were told to make our flight on  or around the 25th.  I asked her there has to be someone to talk to that can help us just a bit and she told me her supervisor, so I asked to talk to her, and of course she has to call me back, and she can not tell me when..... Oh did I tell you that she told me this is usually a 60 day process?????
 so of course I am crying my headache is now far worse.    

You know I always thought that if you were in another country and you were in trouble or needed help that all you had to do was get on US Embassy soil.  Well that is a bunch of BULL!!!!!!!!  We have never felt taken care of or felt safe.  What on earth is this world coming too?  I can now say that I am just about completely spent. I really don't know what to do, where to go, out to feel, what emotions to have.  60 days?  we might as well put Dontae in a home and fly home so Mark can go to work,  we can not stay here that long.  And I am not staying here by myself.  Dontae's baptism is all planned, because we were given false hope.  How can they live with there self. US Embassy, My ass!!!!!


Mom Lau said...

I am so sorry. I can feel your frustration to my bones.

Kathy R said...

Lord, you know the situation Kim and Mark are in. I pray for Your peace and rest to strengthen them during this difficult time. We know that you are in control, and so we give it up to You. Thank you Lord.
Remember, Kim, God is good! He will work all things together for good. But that doesn't mean all things are good. It just means we can trust Him for the outcome.
Love in Christ,