Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good Day

Its kinda funny, three days ago Mark said to me "do you realize that Dontae has not been sick one single time since his operation?"  The next day Dontae got sick with a pretty bad cold.  That night we were up ALL night with just a couple hours of sleep.  We were able to take a nap yesterday when he went down, then came last night and the same thing.  We didn't get him to sleep to about 10:00.  From 9 to 10 he had to lay on me to feel better. He woke up again about midnight and then again at 5.  Mark and I are watching ER on DVD from the very first episode, we are now on season 3 and I am not sure what came over us last night but the first time since we have been here in Jamaica, we stayed up until 2AM.  Who does that when you have a baby, and especially a sick baby?   LOLOL Then Dontae wakes up at 5 until 6 and the only way he would go back to sleep is in bed with us. So I had turn and put my head down at there feet so I could try and sleep, but he was up up up at 7:15. Thank Goodness for the best coffee in the world.  hm hm good. Its crazy, how a sick little guy can still be so happy all the time.
We are praying for some sort of an answer today.  The judicatory came back to the office yesterday, so that gives her time to give us an appointment date right?  LOL  Well we will see about that. We are paid at the hotel until tomorrow.  We are trying to decide are next move.  Do we stay here?  Do we move to Kingston? Have a good day,