Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Ok so we got back to Whitehouse where we were staying before we took a little side trip off to Negril, spent the rest of the day into the evening going through are stuff we have left to give away.  But keeping enough for us to get through the next week before we come home. Just about done with it all, Linda Botkin (Jesus for Jamaica) is coming over to pick up 2 bins full, three suitcases completely full, 1 highchair, and Dontae's toys.  We are donating it all to JFJ. Then we come back through on our way home we will drop of the pack and play and the rest of our things we are donating. It feels good to be giving again. Then the phone rang, it was USCIS Homeland security. Apparently the email I got telling me to pay 13.00 and make my interview appointment (which is set for thursday) I was not supposed to get that email because that one is for non-immigrant visa's.  WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! She told me not to pay the money they want cause I will loose it since its wrong. Which also means I can't take Dontae to his appointment in the morning for his medical evaluation because I don't have the proper email to print off to take with me. She told me to call her back this afternoon and she will give me an update.  Well I have called two times and just got her answering machine.  I certainly hope she calls me back TODAY!!!!!!!  So since we had the car rented already and our room in Kingston, we decided to come here on faith only, praying that its going to happen this week. The cheapest room we can find here at Shirleys Retreat has raised her prices, so we decided to stay somewhere different so we can have something to do at least.  So here I sit, writing to you while Mark and Dontae are getting cooled off in the pool.  Kingston is always sooooooooooooooooo hot with no breeze, you almost cant stand it.  So I have planned Dontaes baptism, I have ordered him some fall and winter clothes online, so he has something to where when we get home, the girls are getting his room done and painted, the carpets are being shampooed.  So we best be on that flight.
BTW the winner of the present from Jamaica is Kathy Robson....... and the first person to write on here  was Calie Klopp and she gets a little something.  Thank you guys Love to you.


Kathy R said...

Thank you! I look forward to seeing you and meeting Mark and Dontae. And for you to meet, Fred!

Anonymous said...

"Good Luck"!

Kathy R said...

I just remembered. I think we did meet. At Dyona's son's graduation party? Things will happen soon, I'm sure!