Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Love Story part five

Boy did me and my kids have some fun with Mark and his kids.  Mark had done a haunted forest for Alesia;s classroom the year before, so we decided to do another one and open it to the public. Months of preperation and work, but we were ALL together working as a team so it was so darn fun.  Cody dressed up as a zombie, Brandon too except he had a chain saw.   LOLOL Alesia was the spider princess, Matty was a lady with the crystal ball and Calie Oh my goodness I can't remember.... Sorry Calie.... LOLOL  she was something in black I do remember that, seems to be she had to have her face covered.  LOL. Marks parents sold tickets and the first year Alesia;s mom and aunt came and were witches, not to mention my family and cousins.  The last year we had 1000 people go through our forest.  The last year was stinking hilarious,  there was this women and her children and when she got to the part where Brandon comes out with the chainsaw,  she screamed so loud that she peed her pants and through her keys into the woods and lost them.  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL  Now thats when you know it must be good, so we went out with a bang, not to mention we donated the money to the The mission.
So now its November of 2000, and we are getting married the coming summer, so I had bought my dress, and already bought things for the wedding, when one night sitting at Marks house we looked at each other and said "wouldn't of it had been better if we were married already going into the holidays?"  We did not live together, but wanted to spend every minute together especially during the holidays.  So we called Pastor Iben and asked him if we could get married on November 19th.  the same day as our first date.  He said "yes"  so now we are getting married in ONE week.  LOLOL  is that funny????  but a great story to tell the grandkids.  LOL

BTW  Dontae's baptism is Oct. 30th at the 9:15AM service and then we are going out to breakfast if anyone wants to join us.


Anonymous said...

Yaa... Looking forward to meeting Dontae! Your sister Lori :)

calie said...

Um, I didn't know about the whole 'Let's get married in a week' thing... Where was I??

Mark,Kim Lau said...

It was one week dorky

Anonymous said...

I remember it very well! I helped! You were busy in school, your momma did'nt want to bother you. Lori again..