Saturday, September 18, 2010

Great Day

Great day today.  Look how nice everyone looks!!!!!The kids had a good time today, in fact I think they had a ball.  They have been saving their star money, and some of the kids have been doing extra work for pay.  So today was our shopping day in Savannah La Mar.  Back row left to right. Travoy, Sherakie, Ritz, Anita.  Yellow shirt is my dear Felix.  Front row left to right.  Here is the best family in the world that is working with us here.  Donnaree, Marlaina, Marquez and Marlean.  You will see a close up of their family down below.  And Sabrina on the far right.  Travoy and Sabrina are brother and sister.  So to town we went.  We broke up in two groups.  I think everyone came home with something.  Then Mr. Mark and I decided to treat everyone to KFC for lunch.  Had to make great ending to a wonderful shopping day.  And tomorrow is Ritz's 14th. birthday.  WooHoo!!!!!!!