Monday, September 13, 2010

Rainy day

Today has been a rainy day on and off, but not to the point of flooding.  So I actually put on a red tee shirt,  ok big mistake, I was sweating bullets.  Couldn't wear it very long before I put on a tank top.  Some how I miss calculated flour and sugar and bread and butter, so I went to town to pick up these things.  Then I worked on documenting receipts.  Miss Dawn is back ( our cook) which is very nice.  She stayed home last week because of her back.  And Miss Millicent (laundry) is back too, she was on vacation last week.  So now Donnaree and I are back to just cooking breakfast, instead of every meal and doing laundry.
I called the hospital to see if Dontae had been taken to Montego Bay for his surgery, and they said yes.  So I called the hospital in Montego Bay, and they transfered me so many times, that they finally hung up.  So I will try tomorrow.  I have been doing some research on cleft lip and cleft pallet.  They say they like to do the pallet at around 8 months, and Dontae is 6 months.  So I am hoping they did the lip today.  Poor little guy is having surgery and he has no one with him.  That is pulling my heart strings like crazy.
Tonight after family meeting, Sabrina offered to do devotion.  I couldn't of been more proud.  I gave her a star for that one.  She did very good too, and everyone listened so carefully.  These kids are more amazing everyday.  There lieing is getting better, they see that we prefer the truth, and punishment is either not happening or much less.  And they are starting to see this.  Felix is working really hard at trying to quit sucking his thumb, I think he is going to have it all done very soon.  We are working with him to pour his own juice.  So every breakfast he comes and gets me, so I can watch him pour his juice.  I love that he remembers to not do it on his own.  (this use to be a problem)  I love tucking Felix into bed, and saying his prayers with him, and the way this little guy prays melts my heart.  I have been kissing every kid on there head at bedtime, even getting Anita sometimes  LOL  and anyway tonight, I got a hug from Ritz and Sabrina, then they walked over to Mr. Mark and gave him one too.   Wow!!!!  I sure am glad God picked Mark and I to be with these kids.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going good, that is great news. When does hurricane season start, and what do you have to do to prepare? Keep us posted on Dontae. bye for now, mom

calieeeeee said...

you should bring felix home :)

Lori D. said...

Lovee hearing all the happenings...I get goosebumps and all teary every time. It is AMAZING what God has sent you and Marky to do. I am blessed to know you . Love you! xoxoox

Anonymous said...

I want all of the little boys and girls! I am so happy for you and Mark, let us know if you need anything. Love Lori