Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well today was our first PTA meeting, and they had a guest speaker on accident insurance.  Some of the ladies were not understanding why they wouldn't get their money back if their child wasn't in a accident.  So I raised my hand and said "Insurance is just that...Insurance and a piece of mind that if your child gets hurt you will have the money to take care of him"  They seemed to respond to what I said, so that made me happy.  Then we talked about how to raise money to finish the library, they have computers for the library but it needs to be finished.  I asked how much they need to finish, they said they will get the numbers to us soon.  So we talked about having a fun day for kids and parents to bring in money.  I talked about a cake walk.  So I was told to bring that to the next meeting.  I know how the cake walk was with my kids when I did it.  So why wouldn't it work here???  Then I piled 5 or 6 ladies in the van and drove down the mountain dropping them off one by one. It was very fun.
Today I gave Miss Dawn a new recipe and she made it, was very happy with it she was, and I was soooooo happy.  They were corn fritters out of the Jamaican cookbook. Awesome I say.
Dantae had his surgery on his cleft lip, so if God willing, we are going to see him tomorrow.  He had the surgery yesterday and they said he started eating today.  We need to get up and leave very early in the morning, we have conference tomorrow in St. Ann which is hours away.  It is for Child Development Agency.  So we are pretty excited to go and learn more.  Thank you again everyone that helped to get us here.  Blessings