Wednesday, September 8, 2010

little boy abandoned

\Today during our staff meeting, two cops showed up with a little boy 6 years old.  Apparently this little boy still in his pajamas and no shoes has been dropped off in town Saturday night.  His mother is a dancer and just left him Saturday night.  So this nice cop brought him to My Fathers House to just spend the night before taking him to Montego bay. The cop at first said he would pick him up in the morning, but after talking for awhile, sounds like they would like to place him here. Orville is his name.  He really doesn't talk much at all, except the word yes.  Little guy has some mannors, right after dinner he picked up his plate and took it right into the kitchen, so someone somewhere is doing a good job. Since the moment I met him I would wink at him, so he has been trying to wink bavk but both of his eyes wink together.  LOLOL So please say in your prayers, that if placing Orville in our care would be Gods will.
Tomorrow when in Sav, we will be going to see Dante and see if he has his surgery.  Pray for that little guy as well. Be with us all as we go through these next few days.


Shasta said...

How lucky you were there for him :)

Anonymous said...

Where had he been since Saturday in just pj's and no shoes??? That would be a great place for Orville. What is in Montego Bay for him???
Looking forward to hearing about Dante.
Keep the faith. Love ya, Mom