Friday, September 3, 2010

Always something to do

So day before yesterday most of us worked very hard to get the house ready to be sprayed the next day.  We have had a problem with ticks.  So we decided that after Marquez's Dr. appointment on Thursday we would then go to the beach with all the kids for the day.  The house was being sprayed and all the furniture too, so it was best that none of us were there.  So we packed a lunch and all jumped in the bus, well not all, Mr. Mark and Marlin stayed behind to help.  So we drove to Black River to the hospital for Marquez Dr. appointment which ended up being cancelled due to an emergency.  One Dr. to 50 patients.  So after being there for almost an hour trying to reschedule we finally left and drove to a beach.  The beach was great except I wish we would of brought snorkeling gear it would of been perfect for all the kids because it was so shallow.  But we still made the best of it.  Part way through I bought the kids a pop so that was a nice treat. Jenni hadn't been feeling good most of the day, poor thing, kinda just dragging along.  So about 3:30 we decided to head home.  Nice drive it was, but I started noticing that all my joints were starting to hurt, but I thought it was from all the driving.  So we got home and the pool looked so inviting.  The house was all done, dinner just needed to be heated up, and we were not going to mop floors till the morning, so GREAT time to hop in the pool.  Amazing I say, it was so nice. About twenty minutes into it, I was not feeling very good, so I quickly got out and went up to my room to change, by the time I was done changing I had a fever of 101.  I could not believe it, and when Mark came up it was at almost 104 with tylenol. So lets just say I was one sick girl.  My fever did break in the middle of the night so I stayed in bed and stayed in bed all of today.  Jenni was worse today so she stayed in bed all day too.  I only seen her two times and that is when she came up to get some meds, and when I went in her room to see if she needed some orange juice.  So I hear Jenni came out and ate dinner, then went to back to bed, but she was up to eat, always a good sign.  I do see the light at the end of the tunnel.  :-)
On a sad note Joy lost her last puppy.  We thought for sure that this one last puppy would make it.  My mother in law thought we should name the last puppy "Lucky"  my mom thought  "Miracle"  and Mr. Mark wanted "Loner"  LOL ( not funny Mark)  LOL.  So all that and not one little puppy, very sad.  Joy was as good of a mother as she new how, but not very nurturing.  Was that the reason why no puppies made it?  I don't think so, but I think her puppy having days are over. 
Well I think we are all set for school on Monday, we picked up Sherakie's pants from being hemmed today, and I think that was the last of it.  We got creme for Sabrina's hair last week, and Oh my does she look fantastic.  Creme here is a relaxer.  She looks all grown up, but so cute all at the same time.  We told her that this first time we will buy it, but if relaxing her hair is something she wants to do, then she will have to save up and buy it herself.   Travoy bought his own creme and he looks so darn handsome as well.  So I do say, one handsome group of kids already to start their big day.  I know we have been so bad, and haven't posted one picture, we will do that and name every person, so you will know who we are talking about.  Love to all...
Oh did I tell you that Midnight, their cat that has been gone for about a year is back, and we think she is pregnant.  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Keep those prayers coming please.


Anonymous said...

What was the reason for you all being sick??? That is too high for a temp, are you better now???Sorry to hear about the puppy, now he will be delivering kitties???? oh my!!!!!!Patiently waiting for pictures with names. lol I know you have other things more important to do.