Monday, July 26, 2010

Michigan team leaves tomorrow

Tonight will be our last night to worship with this great team, last night they went to the beach to worship and tonight will be on our roof. Today part of there team just cleaned My Fathers House, and I mean cleaned it. One of the kids from their team named Joshua was playing catch on the beach today and fell on a bed of sea urchins.... OUCH!!
When that happens these little black things break off and go deep in your skin, and to get them to surface enough to pull them out with tweezers you have to use human pee, but it can't be your own pee. So many of the team members were going potty in a cup so they could pour it on his back. Poor kid. He said everytime they put some on his back he could feel them moving to the surface. And it hurts. Well there are about seven left in his back, that they can't get out, so he will go to the hospital as soon as he gets home. There, they will make him not feel anything to be able to get them out. One thing is for certain, we sure were able to see who wasn't drinking enough water. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL... Jenni Markie and I went to town today to get passport pictures takin, we are trying to get work permits, man the picture is worse then Costco pictures. LOL
OH!!!!!! I almost forgot to tell you. Marks size 36 pants are falling off, and I lost ten lbs. In two weeks!!!!! Can't beat that..... I swear we sweat it all off, well it could be no fast food, um maybe no icecream, um maybe starbucks, what ever it is we are happy. I just hope we will be able to find shorts when we come home at Christmas.
We are going to start a wishlist for My Fathers House, if anyone feels like donating.
1. Commercial size pancake dropper
2. Commercial spatula to flip those pancakes.
3. Alphabet to go around the school room
4. Signs for long and short vowels
5. Cream of tarter you can't get it here
6. Chili powder you can't get it here
we will keep adding to this list as we go along. We hope you are all enjoying reading our blog. Post some comments please and sign up to follow us, that way we know who is liking this. Thanks everyone. Today Dontay was supposed to get his operation, Miss Sandy and I prayed for him today, praying he wouldn't be scared and that the Dr.s will do a great job. Please take a moment and say a prayer for him.


Anonymous said...

You have the greatest sense of humor. Sounds like things are going good. Why the work permits??? Been praying for Dontay and of course all of you. When will the next group be there? Is there someone constantly??? Can the items you need be sent to you??? Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

We have about 10 days off before the next team arrives. Then the next one is not until November I think. The busy season is May to Aug. No things can't be sent but we can pick up when we are home at Christmas

LyndenMomof2 said...

Glad to hear things are going well. I think and pray about you guys often. Hope you have a great day!!! Love and miss you.

Anonymous said...

Love reading your updates. We have the alphabet covered for you so you can take that off your list. You might think about having someone post the list somewhere where people can check it off when they have something for you. Got to run have a great day.