Friday, July 9, 2010


Well we did it!!! We took the first step on our new journey. 7:00 thursday night we flew out of Bellingham to Seattle, it was so beautiful. Ate dinner at the airport and then our standby flight was boarding at 10:00. We check in and there is 6 seats that might be open, but things could drastically change by the time they leave. So we are right down to the last 5 minutes before they close the door and they have one seat available and waiting for 1 passenger who has already checked in her baggage, but hasn't showed up. Now we are down to 4 min. So they call us over they have our tickets ready just in case this woman doesn't show, so we are standing there just praying we will get on or else we have to wait till the next evening at the same time. 20 seconds the man says, who looks just like Ed Harris. He looks at us and says "there is no reason why this lady is not hear" and gives us this great little look. He earlier had commented on Markies shirt that read Property of Jesus. (He loved it) So then he handed us our tickets and said God Bless. So what can I say, this is the beginning of our journey. :-) I won't say the flight was good, actually it was horrible, only because it was so hot that I was sweating for most of the 6 hour flight. So really didn't get any sleep. But then we get to the hotel at 7:00 AM and are aware of the fact that we can't get into our room until 3:00, but the man says if you pay 25.00 you can get you in early. I jumped on that one because then I could sleep. So all in all everything is GOOD!


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear you got there safe & sound. Love you. Mom

Shasta said...

Lucky for you guys! Can't wait to hear more ;)