Monday, July 19, 2010

This team of 50

Yesterday while Jim and Penie went to Montego Bay to get the team of 50 we had to clean the eleven thousand square foot home, make the beds, make sure each person has a towel and washcloth, and get enough mattresses. Oh and start dinner. The night before I didn't sleep well, because everything kept going through my mind. The first day we are left in charge and a huge team coming. Well lets just say, I have never been more proud of My Fathers house. We made and ate breakfast at 7:30, and we were swimming after lunch in the rain. All the kids here just ROCK!!!!!! Remember the one girl I talked about earlier (Anita) I had to tell her that she had to clean all the bathrooms because of her potty mouth, she not only did it but went on to get enough bedding towels etc. for 13 people. Thank you for all your prayers concerning Anita, I know its helping. So because they did so darn well, I gave them all a cross necklace that the Janet Clowe donated to us. (thank you so much, it felt good to have something like that to give the kids) So then we made dinner, 130 hot dogs....... Have you ever????? Mac & Chesse 13 boxes and pork n beans 2 gal. Well we did it, and it went GREAT!!!!!! That brings us to today. Breakfast was pancakes and fruit. Markie of course was on the grill.
This team is from Michigan. Great great group,fantastic leadership and organization. We broke into three teams, One went to do VBS the other built a room around a potty and the other painted Milicent's (our laundry lady) home. So two more days then off to Gully Bank. Today was Sabrina's Birthday she turned 12. So two birthdays since we have been here 8 days now, and we are loving it. Thank you again to everyone who
helped us get here and are still helping us to stay here for the year. We love you all.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the up-date. Sounds like you really have things under control, make sure you get enough rest. Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

you better be coming to visit Mom