Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We are here!

We made it safe and sound. Our phone is down right now and so is the wireless, so we have to use there computer right now.
We got in and then went and picked up the team from North Carolina (Christian Assembly) from swimming and then went home. It was kinda late after our snack and going through the rules so we didn't really unpack much. The next day the team and Mark weeded the garden, went to Petersville to get chicken poop and then mixed that all together. Penie Jenni and I took some of the kids from My Fathers house to go start the process of getting their passports. Interesting I say..... but fun...Oh! there is a handicapped baby in the hospital with no parents, we are trying to get him. He has a cleft palet and lobster syndrome??????? I guess its his feet and hands. (Oh how it would be nice if we could get him adopted from someone in the US, otherwise this baby will never get any surgeries, and if he did, he would be perfectly normal) Also in this new area Penie and Jim found 10 homeless children from two families, they are actually living on the streets and there is babies. So we are going to keep checking into them.
So today we are going to Petersville to do VBS with this team, and they have a skit they are doing similar to what our kids did in Haiti, should be a great day. Oh, did I say how stinkin hot it is????????........LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


Anonymous said...

So glad to read your post. I can visualize what you are saying, and it is wonderful, so proud of you all. Will you eventually be sending pictures? Love you, Mom M