Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The team has left

The hardest part of having a team here, is saying goodbye... :-( Even with 50 of them, darn good friendships have been made. I want to tell you about a few things this team did and how God worked thru them. While they were here, they did VBS in Petersville and in Gully Bank (remember Gully Bank is new to My Fathers House, they are in desperate need of everything including Christ)They finished construction on a new outhouse for the church in Petersville. They painted two houses, one of which the old lady had been praying about for four years, she also got a new front door. You could just feel her gratefulness pouring out. They hauled water to peoples homes that otherwise would of walked a very long way. There is also a church about 45 minutes away, that Jim and Penie helped build and the Pastor of this church Pastor Shaw has found out he has cancer and is in the hospital. He was so worried about finding someone to do the church service for Sunday, when this team from Michigan said they would take care of it. So we took Pastor Murray from Petersvile South Shore. Pastor Shaw's entire family was at the service, and the offering netted 450.00 US dollars. That money will so help this family and all the hospital bills. So can you see how wonderful friendships are made?
So today they left, we did chores, the kids did so so well, we took them for chicken down the street. All in all it was very very quiet around here, something we have not yet experienced since we have been here. Jim and Penie are leaving for a few days come Thursday, for some R&R... This will give Mark and I a dry run and managing this orphanage. Prayers needed!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

HI, sounds like you and Mark should have some R&R also, lol. How many will be in the next group, and where are they from? How is Dontay???Keep the news coming, love it. Mom