Friday, July 16, 2010

Learning the ropes

I guess I should probably read what I wrote last so I don't repeat myself, but that would take to long. :-) Hey if there is a teacher out there that would like to donate the alphabet (the kind they use in kindergarten rooms) also the signs that have the long vowels and short vowels, if you would like to donate these, email me and I will get them at christmas or have you mail them to the next team thats coming and then they will bring it with them.
OK I have now been to market two times. I am learning the peoples names, and I think I will do just fine with the grocery shopping. Now learning the money is going to be another thing. I just can't seem to get it. Its not like its that hard, but me and math just don't go hand in hand. The team that is here is just fantastic, we are having a ball with them. Today they went to the hospital and while they were there Jenni and I went upstairs and organized the clothes closet. Took a couple hours, but one thing that is cool, is the fact that Jenni and I both like to organize things, so Yippee!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday Sandy came, she is an intern for 3 weeks, and she is in her 60's. She will be helping with everything. Oh!!!! did I tell you a team of 53 is coming on Sunday?????? Well boy am I glad Sandy is here, she will be able to help in the kitchen and help Miss Dawn.
One of our challenges I think is going to be one of the girls that live here, but we have just been giving her space, and she is starting to pick on Mark a bit, so that is cool, and tonight the team went to youth group and I stayed home and Anita had to stay home, she actually asked me to play a game, so maybe things are looking up.