Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snowy Day?????

It was snowing this morning, and then a little bit here and there. But even if it doesn't really snow today, it just feels like a stay in the house nice and cozy warm with all the food and drink anyone would need. Of which we have both, oh and movies, so I think we are good to go.

As I told you a couple days ago I was going to be doing a message center in my house. I came  across the blog "A bowl full of lemons"  this woman seems to be the queen of organizing.  And I am such a wanna be organizer.  I call myself a wanna be because I LOVE organizing, but sometimes I just need a little inspiration.  I have had a message center (sort of) LOL but I just didn't have it all together.
Here is my before picture.
You can see my file folder basket. and my stack of stuff that needs to be filed. The basket is very cool, except for the fact that my folders fall down inside.  But at least my stuff had a home right?

Now in my new Command Center as "A bowl full of lemons" calls it.  I have a chalk board, so we all go to the same place to write down messages. I have a place where we put our keys, so there would be no room for lost keys.  I always had this as well, but all these things were not in the same place.  I am so excited that its all going to be together.  Thats called Organized!!!!!

I got the chalkboard at IKEA and the jar.  You always need your receipts, and this family needed somewhere that they would all end up and not stay in our wallets until the printing wore off.  So they go right into the jar now.  They will always be at our fingertips. The green little folder thing you see is for my coupons.  I kept cutting them out and leaving them sit on the island.  This way they will all be organized by store name and when I am ready to go, it will fit perfectly in my purse. I have pens and pencils, scissors and post it notes.
In this picture you can see that  I used my label gun to lable my file folders.  The first one says "incoming mail"  So the minute you walk in the house that is where you put the mail.  I have another for "Bills to be paid"  "outgoing mail" "Things to be filed" One with my name on it and one for Mark. And a couple more files with stuff that I get to quite often so didn't want it in the home file ling cabinet.  This wire file folder came from Target, and it has handles so you can pick it up very easy to move to where you desire.
So go up on the right side of my blog and click on "A bowl of lemons" button and it will take you right over to do some of her challenges. I am in the middle of doing over my scrapbook room, so when its done I will post the pictures.
I hope I in some small  way that I inspired you to want to do a Command Center, or join in on the challenges yourself.  If this blog had inspired you, then let me know.
Have a blessed day.


Kathy R said...

You're so industrious! I feel like a slug when reading all the organizing you are doing! I'm a procrastinator, so I just think about doing it. That's fun, too. Your message center is great and I can't wait to see your Scrapbooking room.