Sunday, January 22, 2012

Now We're Cookin'

Had to fill you in on two more of the dinners that I prepared with my huge cooking day.  BTW my rolls failed me, so I will have to do them again.  The next dinner we ate was the Pork chops and potatoes.  Oh man! Mark, Matty and I gave it a 10 hands down. Calie was a 9, she said only because she doesn't really like pork.  A couple of years ago, I guess I made way to much pork and now she is sick of it.  LOLOLOL  That cracks me up.  I still love it.
And tonight it was just supposed to be me Mark and Dontae to eat dinner but then Matty and Dani and Nate and Calie ended up staying too, so we made a salad and had Broccoli, chicken and rice..  Everyone gave it a 7 1/2 and all for the same reason, it needed to have a little more sauce.  Well I over cooked it, because the kids were all going to go out to dinner so we were kinda waiting for them to be on their way before we brought out our dinner to eat. I offered them to stay but they all said no thank you.  Well finally I had to take it out and we needed to eat, so I went and made two salads and dished up our food and brought it back to the table where we all were planning a game "Settlers of Catan"  (WHICH IS AN AMAZING GAME, EVERYONE SHOULD PLAY IT)  And then guess what?  they all decided to stay and eat.   LOL  so at that point they had to make their own salad and dish themselves up.  So dang it, if they all would of told me they wanted to stay for dinner, I think it would a been a good 9.  I am getting excited for the first of the month to come again, so I can do my once a month cooking again.  This time I will make some ones we had and some brand new.  I tell ya, I am very spoiled now that I made all these in advance.  And I'm lovin' it!!!!!!!