Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beautiful Day

What a fun day today.  Went to church, which was wonderful in itself.  Dontae was extremely good in church today.  Then I met up with a guy and sold him my old phone.  (so now its IKEA time, LOL) And then my girls, us and Nate all went to breakfast as Denny's.  What a welcome we got when we walked in. About 5 of the waitresses were all over Dontae.  They remembered him from the day we came in for his baptism.  They had just got in a new button, so they ran and got him one to add to his collection from the last time.  Breakfast was just yummy.  Then everyone came out to help us move furniture around and then to stay for dinner.
 Which was The Navijo Taco's,  this could feed up to 12 easily, because everyone of us had seconds and Nate had thirds, and our first helping was not small. So again we scored the meal, 10 being the best.
Nate 10  WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark  9
Calie   9
Matty 8 1/2
Kim    9 1/2 WOW!!!!  This was soooooooooo good. You just want to make sure you have it thawed out completely before you start to bake it.  I did not take it out in time to thaw all the way, so it took way more then an hour to bake.
Three meals so far and three high ratings.  I am impressed.  Kinda of getting excited for what dinner tomorrow night will bring.  :-)
Dani came over and brought games to play.  Great game and it started with a B, lol but I can't remember the name.  When I find out I will tell ya.