Tuesday, January 3, 2012


 Ok, today was great, didn't get all the cookin' done, but I did do half.  Stupid me thought I had a Dr. appointment yesterday, but it was today and it takes an hour to get there and a hour home.  So with 7 meals done, I am very happy.  I will finish up in the morning.  The meals I made today were
1.  Chicken Enchiladas
2.  Sweet and sour Chicken
3.  Pork Chops and Potato's
4.  Beef Stroganoff
5.  Cheesey Chicken Bake
6.  Broccoli Chicken and Rice
7.  Birds Nest Pie
Here is a yummy picture of the pork chops

Home made rolls tomorrow as well!! 
Do you know how nice its going to be, not to figure out what to make for dinner and Remember to take the meat out to thaw.  I mean "who has the time"   Marky has decided that he wants to do your cookin' for you too, Hense, where today's title came from (my lovin' husband) NOW WE'RE COOKIN'.
He had a ball today, and all he was doing was cleaning up after me.   LOL Well think about it, wouldn't you like to have a home cooked meal all ready for you to put in the oven.  
BTW the Beef Stroganoff was amazing, we had it tonight.


Kathy R said...

Sounds so.good! Too bad I'm such a prograstinator.