Thursday, January 19, 2012

Family Fun

All this snow has just been amazing.  The best part of it all is having the kids here.  We have been playing games, and playing in the snow.  Last night we ate french dip. Check out my roast.
Yum Yum Yummy!!!!!!!!
I have been having a ball cooking for everyone for all these days.  But to switch it up just a bit Mark and I told the kids they had dinner the next night.  Which of course Calie piped in and said "Then you guys get to do the dishes"   Ha Ha Ha  Not!
So today, is going along and I know they know they are doing dinner cause I heard Nate and Calie talking.  But there isn't anything being defrosted and its almost time to go get Matty from work.
Finally Calie said "Lets go to Hawaiian BBQ for dinner guys?"  I just kinda looked at her like she was a little crazy.  Then I said "as long as your buying"  Nate pipes up and says "us three kids will buy since its our dinner night."  LOLOLOLOLOLOL  I laughed and said "maybe you two need to ask Matty about this since your spending her money"
To make a long story short, we went and it was my first time there.  Boy was is it GREAT!!!!!!!

Dontae felt the same way. He taught himself to suck up noodles.    Blessings