Thursday, January 5, 2012

Now We're Cookin'

Only made twelve dinners instead of 15. I miss calculated a my chicken, and also I already had a ham in the freezer which I was going to make and then  make two dinners from that.  So I still will, it just wasn't in the cooking day. But we will eat it in January.  First picture is of the Basic meatballs,  which I then turn into Hawaiian meatballs.  I will serve it over rice and hm hm good.

Next I made Almost Spinach Ravioli...  I think its almost since everything isn't stuffed inside the pasta, but I tell you does it smell good.  The picture does not do it justice.

I also made Cheesy Chicken Pasta Bake
Candied Chicken
and last but not least Navajo Taco's  Check it out!

So as we eat these meals I will let you know how good they are on a scale from one to ten.  Ten being delicious.  Oh and we rated the Beef Stroganoff as a 8 or 9.  If I add red wine to it next time, then it will be the recipe I have always made LOLOLOL  then its a 10. :-)
Sorry this was a day late, but yesterday my body only wanted to sleep.  Could it be from going to bed every night after midnight?