Friday, January 13, 2012

Just stuff

I am taking some challenges from other blogs, one of which is creating a message center in my house, the other is re-doing  my scrapbook room, so I will be posting before and after pictures, when I get it all done. Another challenge from a woman's blog (all of which I will give the credit to when I go into detail) is to work on being a better wife and always putting Christ at the center and praising him and asking him to stick with me while I work on this.  The next challenge is to be a better Mom.  These challenges just keep you thinking about things, the right things, which then makes you want to be your best.  And then not forget to Thank God.
Oh, and Nate and Calie had Sweet and Sour meatballs last night night.  Well they both gave them an 8.  Mark and I had it for lunch today and the first thing Mark said was, "wow does this bring back memories of when I was little, my mom made this all the time"  He scored it a 9 and I was a 8 1/2.
Matty gave me money to cook for her, so I m doing her 7 meals,  they all serve at least 6 people, so this way she will have a nice lunch everyday. And when she gets home at night she just needs to put it in the oven or on the stove, can't beat that.  Did the shopping for it yesterday on our way back from IKEA.   Yep I got my expidite, finally I got it.  You will get to see it when you see my scrapbook room.
So tomorrow we will cook.  I still haven't made the rolls, so I think I will do that as well, and give them to Matty just because.