Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl

This is my first Super Bowl party ever,  and I didn't have a clue who to vote for, so Nate introduced me to Tom Brady.  LOL Need I say more? LOL  Ok that was it... I wanted The Patriots to win.
 Our good friends invited some friends over for the game and Calie (my daughter) and her boyfriend Nate decided they wanted to dress up for the big event.  Talk about "Jealous"  lol that was me, but they surprised Mark and I with shirts to decorate.  I then found out that I was the only one of us four rooting for The Patriots. Oh well at least I knew  who Tom Brady was now!!!!!!!!  :-)

Mark and I on our way to the party. Nate and Calie sitting on the couch. And last but not least, the
best lookin'
of all...
Mr. Donate Lau