Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good Times with old friends and new friends

Today was a super day, it would of been perfect if the sun was out and I was in shorts, but not here in Washington at this time of the year.  :-)
So this morning Dontae and I met up with my friend from church and we drove to Lynden to the MOPS there.  I had a ball, met some wonderful women.  Lots of fellowship and the guest speaker was on marriage.  Decorations were all done up with heart for Valentines day.  Oh and a iced coffee for a buck.  WoooHooo.  Now that's a splurge I can make.  So I really enjoyed myself.  They loved Dontae and he had a ball with ALL the kids.  Yes there were many many children. They all wanted to touch his hair.  No big deal that he only has two fingers, lolol they just want to touch his hair.  I was just so happy.
When we were done at MOPS, we headed over to my friends house Linda.  A year ago, Linda came to stay with us in Jamaica for a week remember? Well she invited Dontae and I over since we were in Lynden for MOPS.  It was so nice to see her again and visit.  Got to meet her husband, who for some reason Dontae was in awe of.  When he said hello to Dontae, Dontae had this HUGE smile on his face, I don't think I have ever saw him smile like that before, and then they instantly became buddies.  Weird I tell ya.  But a good weird.  We left there at about 2:00, and my little man had still not had a nap, so two minutes in the car and he was out.  When we got home I carried him in and laid him on the couch and covered him up.  I started working on something, and looked over at my little guy and my heart just melted.  How come I was chosen to be his mom? But thanking God that I was.  Blessings

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I cannot believe how his has grown. You are correct when you say "he is a little man".

Things are going well for you and that is so good. Keep warm.