Saturday, February 18, 2012

29 Day Challenge Update

If any of you want to go to a good blog, you need to go here.
This is how and where I got started doing the 29 day challenge. Of which I chose my scrapbook room.
Posting pictures every week on our accomplishments sure does force you to stay on tract.  And if 
your behind a little bit, you make yourself get in there and catch up.  Well that's how it has been
working for me at least. So lets get started on my Progress.  A week ago I posted the picture on the left
showing that my lovin husby put me up some peg board. Well now I have my peg board all done up
with my embellishments, I love it.  And I don't know if you remember from last week but my star
was on a different wall.  I had to move it here because I needed the other wall for more storage.
I am not sure if you can tell by the picture , but I have this little rod iron stand that has a heart on top,
Its right in front of the green drawers, well I am using this to hang embellishments off as well.  So Cute!

Ok, so now my closet, Its not completely done, but I think its looking better and on its way. Don't you think? I have all my bins labeled.  Still have to organize top shelf and left bottom shelf.  Then I am going to hang curtains, so when I want to close off the closet I can.  

                    So now you can see the star is gone from here and I went to Michaels and bought this shelf.  I had a gift card from Christmas so it didn't really cost me anything.  I have a big box of stamps and stuff that I will also be putting on this shelf.  My husby told me from the beginning to put one

there and I said
 Oh no, I don't want to spend the money.   LOL  Well look who was right.  The picture of my desk is beginning to look better.  I will get there.
Last week I posted a picture of the floor that my son came in and dumped stuff everywhere. Well here it is I will post it again. 
Well YIPPEE look at it now

I can't tell you how good it feels to have carpet that I can see.
Things I have to do yet.
1. Get curtains and put them up on closet
 2. Fill up shelf with stamps and ribbon etc.
3. Put things up on my inspiration board..
4. Finish organizing my desk.......................
      5. Organize top shelf in closet and lower one.
           6. Get top of cricut work station put all together.

I think that would be it. Whew!!!!!!!  This has been so fun.  I love that others from this challenge have been coming around and checking out what I am doing.  Because I have sure enjoyed looking at all of yours.  Come on ladies we are on the last stretch, we can DO IT!!!!!


Joan said...

Love it, specially the little shelf unit. Very jealous of your crafting supplies.

Cant wait to see the end results

Mark,Kim Lau said...

yea its crazy what I have. Addicted may be the word. LOL Thank you for stopping by and especially commenting. I do appreciate it.

Samantha said...

all i had to see in the link title was something about "scrapbook" and i was over here! i'm a big scrapper too. ;-) it is looking so awesome - great job!!!

Cuttin' and Stampin' Cards said...

Looks like your making great progress. I also found carpet this week, and yes it feels great. I like how you have your todo list at the bottom, shows you still are invisioning your end result. Your doing great - Keep it up!!

waldenbunch said...

Hi. You commented on my scrapbook room. It seems we have much in common. We have 2 biological children and 3 adopted siblings, with the youngest now 13 and the oldest 23. My blog is much more than about scrapbooking. It's about walking the journey of faith and living life amidst difficulties and praises. Thanks for visiting me!