Saturday, February 25, 2012

3rd. progress for the challenge

Sorry to say I have no pictures today..... For my readers that don't know what this 29 day challenge is, I wish I knew how to link up to my old posts so you could go back and look, but I just don't know it all yet.  LOL  Any hoo I have taken on this challenge to keep me motivated and accountable all at the same time.  And I got to tell you it has been fun fun fun. You will love this blog check it out... 
The big reveal is on the 29th. So that will be an exciting day I tell ya.  I WILL have all my pictures up.
But this week I didn't get to do anything on my scrap booking room.  You see we put our house up on the market on Wednesday, so I think you can guess what I have been doing.  LOL And then right off the bat we got a call for someone to come and look today as a matter of fact.  And we are on the top of their list. So heck my scrap book room might need to be all boxed up.
:-( That is a sad face because I have NEVER had a scrap book room so  C    U     T    E   in all my life, I really went to town on this.  I can only hope that my next scrap room can be the same.  Although over on another girls blog from the challenge, she put up pink peg board and I painted mine black,  well well well her pink is just toooooo cute.  lol
When I started this challenge, we were not planning on selling.  Heck everything was boxed.  But that is ok, I have a ball doing this and reading all the ladies updates.  I have tried to comment on a lot of them, just so they know they are not alone.
So my friends that have never thought of doing a challenge, DO IT!!!!!!!!!!
See you all on the final day


Cuttin' and Stampin' Cards said...

I wish you the very best in your next adventure. I hope you continue to draw strenght from the Lord and believe he has a plan. Bless You.

Mark,Kim Lau said...

ahhhh thank you so much, that is exactly what we are calling it. Another adventure from God. And we are starting to get excited.