Saturday, February 4, 2012

Now we're Cookin'

Remember I told you that I was going to tell you who's recipes I use and what program.  Well here they are.
This series was written by Deanna Buxton from 30 Meals in one day.
She had to of worked a zillion hours on this, because every single meal I have prepared has rated anywhere from a 7 to a 10.  That just doesn't happen.  In emailing with her husband, he told me that they tried every dinner, lunch  and side dish, and if it didn't taste as good out of the freezer as it did fresh then it didn't make the cut.  Like I said a zillion hours.  They are such a wonderful family, that when I told them I was asked to do a class for a MOPS group, they sent me two cookbooks and the software to match.  Now how cool????  Way cool to me!!!!!!!!!!  So remember if you need a cook??????????
Today Mark and I cooked away again for February, well only a week worth since Marks unemployment ran out and he started his new job a couple of days ago.  Its not like we have the money just rolling in.  LOL  But  it will hold us till pay day.  He was doing dishes again,  lol and said he so wished we could do this all the time.  Did I say he missed us when he went off to work? He has been with us 24 hours a day for a year and a half.  Although he is enjoying his work.  Ok back to today.  Tonight we are eating Apricot pork sandwich's.  It has been in the crock pot for almost 10 hours.  WooYaaaaaa!!!!!  :-)
I will let you know what we score this dinner, because of course Calie and Nate are here to test it.  They are loving all this free food that just tastes amazing.  LOL  And we are loving having them.
Now I need to go eat this pulled pork sandwich  hmhmhmmmmmmmmmmm.