Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Not Sleeping

Our little Dontae has not been sleeping, he goes to bed at 7 but then wakes up at midnight and is crying and clingy.  Can't keep him in his bed or he is hysterical.  So he goes to sleep in our bed but that lasts maybe two minutes and then it starts all over again.  He is not eating very well and its been going on for a week now. Three days ago I found a little sore on his privates, so we put meds on it and he started to get a little better, but it is completely healed now and his sleeping is terrible.  Not really sure whats going on with him, he started coughing today and his nose started running, maybe that was the beginning of this????  Heck I don't know.  All I know is I am exhausted for not getting enough sleep.  But now look at my Boo, he doesn't look exhausted, he looks adorable.


Cuttin' and Stampin' Cards said...

Hang in there. My kid had similar episodes of not sleeping. I never put him in my bed, but I did spend many nights hanging over his crib or bed with my hand on his back. If I moved it, his head would pop up and he would scream like no other. After about a week, he would pop a tooth. Any chance he's teething?

Mark,Kim Lau said...

He might be, it doesn't seem like it, but I have been wrong before. LOL Years ago with my other children, I to never brought them to bed with me, I did the same as you, but twenty something and 50 are two different worlds. LOLOL Thank you for commenting I do appreciate it.