Thursday, March 8, 2012


Pin It  I am in awe that our little guy is now TWO.  Today March 8th. Dontae turns 2 years old.  This morning I took a picture of him eating breakfast.  He doesn't have a bib on, and he is eating cold cereal.  He has NEVER had it before, so I had to mix my cereal "Honey bunches of oats" and Calies cereal "Fruit loops" together with a little milk.  And of course he LOVED it.  But this breakfast won't be served anytime in the near future. LOLOL Just today!
So last night as I was going through Jamaica pictures, deciding on which ones I am going to print for my scrapbook retreat in 20 days, I looked at Dontae's tummy mama.  Wondering how she is feeling today, knowing the little boy she gave birth to is two years old..  I can't imagine how she must be feeling.  Here they are together the first
time they met each other. Sorry about the picture,
I haven't figured out how to use photo shop yet.

I want the two of them to stay in touch over the years.  How I wish we could just hop on a plane and go see her and everyone else in Jamaica. Remember Felix?
These two were suppose to be brothers. I know he is back with his mother, well I am hoping he still is, but I keep thinking how his life could of been here with us.  I am sure all we taught him is long gone now. God is watching over all of them I know that.
So, lets go back to Birthday Boy.  His cake will be Elmo.  lolol I will post it later.