Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's Official

As of 9:00am on December19,2011, Dontae Mark Lau is OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We went to court, met in the Judges chambers, talked with the Judge and JoAnn from Agape adoption ad with in a few minutes he signed his name and it was all over.  We had JoAnn take a picture of us and the judge, but she was having a hard time taking the picture.  So the Judge had to stop and go help her. LOL  I am not laughing cause it really was not her fault, after getting home and looking at the pics. The camera was on video.  That is why she was having so much trouble.  Which is giving me trouble to put it on here. I have to wait for my lovin Husby.  I just didn't want to wait any longer to tell you the news.
I had someone ask me if I cried.  No I didn't cry and I think its because Dontae has felt like our's since the day we left the hospital in Jamaica and has lived with us forever it seems like.  But to know we are done done DONE.......  that should make me cry.   LOLOLOL  Just kidding.
Merry Christmas


Miss Linda said...

We have all waited for this news for so long....can't begin to tell you how happy I am for your family.

I know this will be a very, very merry Christmas for you.