Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Been Busy

Dontae's baptism was very nice, our reception back at church was amazing.  I have to say that felt great.  A few of us went to breakfast afterward and then we went to my girls new place for dinner, that Calie and Nate made (which was awesome) and there condo is super nice and adorable of course. :-)
Monday I went to the Dr. and I have Bronchitis, two ear infections, and a sinsus infection.  I waited till after the baptism incase it was bad.   LOLOL  I was not going to miss that for nothing.  
Lets see what else.... Driving freaked me for a minute until I put it in my head that what ever Country you are in, the Drivers body will always be closest to the center line.  And that seemed to work, never had one problem like I did in Florida.  It is cold here, every time I get up from a sitting position I feel like a crippled old Grandma.  Not likeing that at all.
I have loved seeing all the friends and family that I have seen so far and there is a lot more of that to come.  Hopefully we will have the time and energy to put up our Christmas tree soon. 
This morning we watched Dontae go around to his toys and kiss them, Mark and I just looked at each other and said "well he loves his toys" lolol  I think he is adjusting pretty well, except he is waking up every night, standing up facting the wall mostly, so he is confused of where he is at.  We are hoping that will go away and he will always wake up happy like he used too.
Matty and Calie adore the ground he walks on.  Matty came over last evening to pick up some clothes that were already in Calies car LOL, and whisked up Dontae and his diaper bag and went and showed him off.
It is so very quiet right this second, Dontae is sleeping, Mark is working on his truck, My ears are totally plugged but I sure don't hear the the Sea thats for sure.  I kinda hear nothing.  Hmm


Anonymous said...

Get Better Soon!

Miss Linda said...

So sorry that you had to be ill on your return. I know that God will bless you as you reunite with friends and family. Take it easy and get well soon. Love to you and have a wonderful holiday.