Saturday, December 10, 2011

Crazy time to come home

What a crazy time to be back in Bellingham.  There are so many people that are wanting to see us, but then you have Dontae and I being sick and our house a disaster and wanting to decorate for Christmas, not to mention buying some chothes since we really don't have much for cold weather.  LOL  We did finally got our Christmas tree up and decorated last night.  Today the girls are coming over to load up the rest of there stuff, when that is done I think we will be able to make some rhyme or reason of our house.
Our camera broke, and my new one that I have had for way over a year, has been sitting hear waiting for me to get home and start using it, the thing is its at Matty's house.  LOLOL  So I will get pictures up as soon as possible.
BTW people are not knowing how to get a hold of me,  Mark and I cell phone number has stayed the same   Kim 360-815-1874  Mark 360-815-1872 and we shut down our home phone.