Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last day of 2011

As I am sitting here all by  myself in the living room reflecting back on the last year, I  am just amazed that we will be in 2012 very soon.  It has been quite the year I tell ya.  There is a lot of things here in Bellingham that look different, things have been built, other things torn down, round abouts put everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  LOL.  It really was or is different coming home after being gone so long.  I think about the roads there, and how sometimes I wished I had my neck brace on.  They were
B A D..... although Jamaicans do have better round about etiquette. LOL  I am not sure why, since there is no driving school there.  But as I sit here thinking back of all we did in the last year and that I am so thankful. And now we are in our  home ready to start a fresh new year.  Honestly, we don't know what that might look like, other then raising Dontae.  He will have quite a few Dr. Appointments.  I am getting involved with MOPS (mothers of pre-schoolers), Mark starts back to work sometime in January. But as I sit here, I am thinking about the months ahead, and wondering if we can be really really happy knowing that we could be doing so many good things for people in Jamaica.  I can honestly say that coming home has been a culture shock for me.  We have so much, and we expect so much and we take so much.  So I pray that we can adjust to again living in the States.  I pray that I will hear God in 2012 telling me where he wants me and where he will use me.
I pray for all of you that your 2012 will be exactly what you want it to be.


Miss Linda said...

Sounds as if you have the year pretty well planned out...BUT...God may send you back to Jamaica (I hope) Come and stay at my house anytime. We will put you to work. January..we are building a bathroom, side a house and help Paulas finish his bathroom. We will be doing outreach in Aldear and unloading the container when it arrives...COME ON DOWN AND HELP.

Love you guys...have a great and happy new year.