Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Love Story

I have decided that we have so many more readers from all over actually, that I thought it might be a good idea to tell our story and how our life has transpired into us adopting our beautiful new son. (well its not really done yet, but it sounds better :-)
It was mothers day one year, and while I was at church with my children and my mom, Pastor Iben told us to greet one another, so in doing that I turned around and shook the hand of this man that about knocked me over. Oh the things I felt and I had never laid eyes on this man.  I swear after that handshake I never heard one more word that Pastor said that morning.  When church was over I said to my mom "Man I wonder if that man has a wife"? My girls heard me and said "that is Alesia's dad"  so of course I asked the obvious question right?  "Well does Alesia have a mom"?   Oh my gosh was that stupid or what, of course she has a mom, that is not what I meant, I just meant have they ever seen her at church. So we left church, mu kids and my mom and I remember driving right to the 7-11 to look his name up in the phone-book,  I wanted to see if there was a woman's name with his in there.  Now there is nothing wrong with that people....,LOL  I wasn't stalking him  (yet anyway) LOL
Well to my surprise there was no name next to his, so whats the next thing you do?  Well you call your Aunt who just happens to be the Secretary of our church.  "Yea I am in like flynn now I say"  lol She tells me that this man has been coming to our church for a couple of months now, he comes with his parents and two kids, and as far as she knows has never seen a wife.  WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  Told you I was in like flynn.   lololol  Ok now, I have the information I need, so I decide that I am going to give this guy two weeks to notice me, if he doesn't notice me then I am just going to have to call him straight up.
Do I have you hooked for more now?


jen said...

What happens next?????

Kathy Robson said...

Yes, indeed, you do!