Monday, August 15, 2011

Our trip to Montego Bay

Well we were off this morning.  This trip is so on faith its not even funny.  We have been told no so many times its not even funny. No, to this, No, to that. But I couldn't raise 1000.00 for airfare.  So this is costing us about 70.00 and our lunch.  Remember I was telling you about me on one phone and Mark on the computer and Gladys on the other phone?  Well Gladys finally talked to someone who actually sounded like she knew what she was talking about.  So between the two of them , they set up the entire thing.  Friday we went and paid for the fingerprints and so today we took the receipt went to the Police Station in Montego Bay.  She was waiting for us, and did our prints.  We had to then take the prints across town to the other Police station to get the form Notarized.  Then it was off to FedX.  We wrote a letter telling them why we sent what we did the first time, and why we didn.t get prints at the Embassy (they don't do them there people lol)  and then what we did today. Put everything in the envelope and sent it off.  Lee's Summit MO will get them tomorrow.  If this is not right, they will deny us right then and there. If it is right, then it shouldn't be much longer to get the Letter of approval.  We can't try and get a grant or buy the visa or anything for that matter until we receive the LOA.  So please everyone reading this, could you please say a prayer for this to work out perfectly? I really want to get Dontae baptized.  Thank you to friends who are buying our things, so we can afford this part of the journey.


Anonymous said...

You may not know this, but you can baptize Dontae yourself. Just get a hymnal with a baptism service in it, and do it yourself. It's the blessing and dedication that's important, not the person doing it.

Denise said...

Hry KIm,
I hope this works out for you and I'm praying that it does. I'll be waiting anxiously to hear what happens. My contact person in MO is Ms. Upfer. She is the one who took care of my paperwork. Call and ask for her and mention me and ask her to look into it. She might not be your officer to handle your paperwork, but she's very nice and she might be willing to help.