Friday, August 12, 2011


Well my little sad face says that American Airline can not change our airfare.  So I look up airfare thinking it will be around the same as usual, oh oh oh was I wrong.  They want $1000.00.  It was at that moment that we started to panic. The stuff that was running though our heads, I can't even tell you. We are down to 18 days now, and no prospects on buying the stuff we are selling, and they want a thousand bucks.  How is this going to work I keep asking myself. So the three of us put our heads together. Mark, Gladys and myself.  Im on my cell phone, Gladys on the land line and Mark on the computer, all three of us trying to do whatever we can do to figure something out.  Gladys finally finds someone that knew what she was talking about, well we are praying she is right.  She gave Gladys these precise instructions as what to do.  So Gladys made us leave right that second, so no more time was wasted. So I guess there is another place in Jamaica that will do fingerprints and that is in Montego Bay, and the lady was waiting for us. But first you have to go to the tax office here and pay to get them done.  If we didn't already have our TRN number which we had to get for the last set of fingerprints, everything would of been screwed up even more. She told us to go there and pay $500.00J for each of us get the receipt and proceed on to Montego Bay.  There she will take our fingerprints, we will then FedX them to the States.  Ok so we get to the tax office, there are no prints that you can get for $500.00J only $1000/00J or $2000.00J, so if this lady really knows what she was talking about, then you would think she would know the price right?  Anyways it took so long in the tax office we would of never made it before the office closed so back to Button Bay we went.  You see I want to trust that this woman knows what shes talking about,  but the US Embassy says something completely different.  And someone else said something different in June when we originally did the first set of prints.  This is why I say the people who work here do not know which hand is doing what.  But the US Embassy????  I think the entire world is going down the drain faster then expected.
Tomorrow we will go to Montego Bay and get our prints done.  And thats final. Nothing is standing in the way of Dontae coming home with us to America. Certainly not stupid fingerprints. (thats me saying it out loud, just to make myself feel better)  I wrote on the last post a few things we are trying to sell quickly, so look them over and if you know of anyone that might be looking for any of these items please send them our way.
And Kathy, your words came at the most perfect time, I so needed to hear them. Thank you for being an amazing friend.
I will keep you all posted


Denise said...

Are you sure that you can get your finger prints done in Jamaica? We were sent an appointment letter with a specefic time and date. Only a USCIS office does these type of fingerrpints. You can't just go anywhere. I would do exactly what the USCIS person told you to do. I would hate for you to go to MOBay and get those prints done and they are denied when they get to the US.

Mark,Kim Lau said...

no I am not sure.... but we don't have the money to get to the States. So this is our only option right now. I can't sleep my back is giving me grief and a headache from you know where. We are in need of prayers and lots of them. Hugs